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Environmental Services

We help to sustain natural resources and protect the environment. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees who may be affected by the waste materials that result from our work. 

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Considering all these key elements when setting our processes and assisting our decision making helps us to provide a greater level of customer and employees satisfaction. 

Whilst the environmental obligations and responsibilities fall to each of our employees, Management are primarily responsible for ensuring our environmental implications are inherent considerations in all our business decisions. Management are ultimately responsible for the implementation and promotion of this policy. 

We will arrange for the disposal of our waste products regularly, safely and in accordance with the statutory requirements. We will actively re-use packaging materials wherever possible, including folders and documentation.

Our waste disposal arrangements will be regularly reviewed, ensuring that our paper and cardboard waste is recycled wherever possible and disposed of responsibly where not. Recycling initiatives will be taken where reasonably practicable to help protect the environment and make better use of resources. Our employees are asked to consider the environment when making requests for printing to the office.

When working on site, either directly for a client or for a Principal Contractor we will consider waste issues and follow best practice measures to minimise waste and protect the environment.

Where possible the most environmentally friendly equipment will be provided to our employees with due consideration to those employees who work from home, ensuring that the consumption and energy required is considered prior to purchases.

We recognise that the empowerment of our employees is our strongest weapon in the battle for environmental protection and will therefore arrange for suitable training and awareness where possible on environmental implications of our work activities and the controls that are within our control. We will encourage our employee’s involvement in developing environmental improvements.

As a Midwest Electrical Services Ltd we seek excellence in every area of our work, we are committed to continuing to improve our environmental performance by minimizing our environmental impact and making resource efficiency the focal point and requirement of all our business operations. 

We will ensure that all Company vehicles used for work purposes where possible are designed and maintained to give the maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions. We will provide our employees with information on how to ensure maximum fuel consumption is met, such as the removal of unnecessary items in vehicles.

We aim to foster an understanding of environmental issues appropriate to and in the context of our business, among employees and those who work with us. Our intention is to ensure that we continually improve the environmental impact of our activities. 

To achieve this commitment, we will:

  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental performance, regularly reviewing our activities and policy and setting new targets to reduce any environmental impacts caused by our activities. This will include the consumption of energy within our premises, the reduction of waste materials including paper and cardboard through unnecessary printing.
  • Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and integrate approved codes of practice into our business operations.
  • Reduce our consumption of resources and improve efficiency in the use of these resources.
  • Ensure energy and water is used efficiently in all activities to minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy.
  • Manage our operations and activities ensuring we reduce emissions, pollution and waste.
  • Promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste materials in all working activities to conserve resources and reduce waste disposal.
  • Ensuring all waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner by monitoring within our premises and taking necessary action where deemed appropriate,
  • Procure goods and supplies which take environmental specifications into account, limiting the amount of waste products entering our premises, we recognise that prevention is better than the cure.
  • Raise awareness and encourage participation in environmental matters through discussions and training sessions for employees upon induction and at appropriate intervals.

This statement confirms the intentions of our Company. We recognise our responsibility towards the protection of the environment and issue this statement as a commitment of both management and employees to minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

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