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Our Philosophy

The family ethos engrained throughout our organisation has allowed us to develop and nurture a first-class team of employees, suppliers and sub-contractors throughout every division of the business.

Our apprentice scheme has been running for over 25 years and has allowed employees to join our organisation and form a clear path of progression. Midwest currently has former apprentices in the most senior board level of the organisation.

This focus on continual employee development has allowed us to instil the five pillars which we feel provide successful outcomes for our customers and wider business strategy.

Our Philosophy

Considering all these key elements when setting our processes and assisting our decision making helps us to provide a greater level of customer and employees satisfaction. 


We are always considering how we receive and deliver communications with our clients; we challenge ourselves to ensure that we are using the most effective methods to cut out ambiguity and doubt. Good positive communication keeps all stakeholders informed throughout the delivery and service experience with us. The aim of ensuring good communication is that it will drive a demand for long lasting relationships with our client base.


The first thought process that shapes all our decision-making is “how can we make our operations and services safer?” We must always strive for continual safety improvement through monitoring, inspection, analysis and then reinforcement with training or procedural change. Our safety systems are key to our overall business success ensuring that all our stakeholders are safe in their day to day activities.

Customer Service

We will strive to ensure that our customer service experience is always consistent, to ensure this we will measure key performance indicators and service level agreements to spot trends and close any gaps should they arise.


We must ensure that all our activity be it hard or soft services satisfies both our internal and external quality assessments. A high-quality service delivery will give clients the confidence to interact with us time after time which builds lasting professional relationships.

Environmental Sustainability

Midwest recognises and understands the effect that our business operations have on the environment. Through monitoring, research, analysis and training we aim to reduce the impact that our operations have on the environment. 

We aim to provide our clients with the most energy efficient solutions to their installation and maintenance needs. We also monitor and try to reduce our travel impact on the environment by providing our employees with the most energy efficient vehicles, 65% of our management team currently drive hybrid vehicles. 

Financial Sustainability

We must also ensure that our business is sustainable from a financial perspective, our financial decisions must not affect our ability to trade as a going concern and we must articulate this to our customers and supply chain. This needs to be coupled with a provision of a value for money service to our client base. 

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